samedi 19 octobre 2013


DSB HQ-230 description :
TheDSB HQ-230 is a high quality, low cost A4 Photo Laminator with an internationally patented folded tray design, and carrying handle that is perfect for Small or Home Office use, and for transporting to wherever the job may require it.
This hot or cold lamination system can laminate at a speed of 300 mm per minute any document up to A4 in size up to a total thickness of 250 microns (2x125mic) plus the document being laminated up to 0.4mm.
Features for theHQ-230include a paper support for the laminated document, and a handy release switch that can be used to release any jams that might occur. The HQ 230 has 2 Rollers and a Temperature Control Dial to setup required temp (0°C, 80°C, 100°C and 125°C).
For use in PCB transfer method the 125°C is not sufficient to drop toner to fusion point witch is 180°C.

1      -      Disassembling the unite and get the PCB
2      -      With your soldering iron remove the resistor 2.7K (as shown in photo) and replace it with 1K.

Voila your laminator is ready. When Control Dial is in 125°C you get a 178°C.

My first circuit (PICKIT2)!!!

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